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CCTV Installations

Every home and business needs to be serious about keeping property, employees and the general public safe. CCTV has significantly helped in reducing crime and vandalism in potential hotspots such as the home, schools, hospitals, car parks, retail areas and city centres amongst others. From a single camera, to a full IP CCTV installation to monitor multiple locations, Nexsis have the experience to fulfil your every need.

IP CCTV takes CCTV technologies to another level in comparison to Analogue CCTV installations. Along with capturing images in high definition (HD) with resolution up to 10 times higher, IP based systems offer far wider fields of view and increased zoom detail compared to standard definition analogue CCTV.

Cameras range from 1 Megapixel to 20 Megapixel and can subsequently be used for face recognition, object analysis and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), allowing images to be quickly analysed should this be required.

With IP CCTV, monitoring and recording images can be centralised. This removes the need to have multiple recording devices in multiple buildings, freeing up space and reducing the amount of hardware required for an installation. With the ability to transmit images from thousands of cameras down a single fibre, any future requirements are already catered for.

IP CCTV also allows for remote monitoring of images from anywhere on a network or from a remote device such as a smartphone or tablet. As images traverse a network as data packets, if required a user PC can browse into the images to view them from any location which has network connectivity, removing the need for specialist monitors in specific locations to provide enhanced viewing capabilities.

IP CCTV isn’t just about the cameras which are provided. Careful thought is also required from the CCTV installers as to the underlying infrastructure responsible for carrying the CCTV images. Images take up valuable bandwidth on a Local Area Network and also the installed cabling infrastructure such as your fibre installation, so these elements must also be taken into consideration to ensure a successful IP CCTV installation.

From inception, to design, installation and maintenance, Nexsis can supply all elements of an IP CCTV installation, ensuring you receive the service expected, and more importantly, the images you want to see.

Below is a summary on the benefits of using IP based systems over traditional analogue systems.

Greater Flexibility:

Greater Flexibility

IP Cameras do not require local recording, they can transmit across Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks and the internet to a central location where they can be recorded, viewed and managed.

Better Camera Performance:

Better Camera Performance

IP CCTV systems convert all images to data and have no theoretical limit to resolution, providing the bandwidth and the network to transmit the images exists. IP Cameras offer high quality precision with megapixel resolution at least 3 X better quality than standard analogue cameras.

Easier System Installation:

Easier System Installation

IP CCTV systems can run over your existing IP network (both wired and wireless). This makes wiring IP CCTV systems very simple, which causes less disruption, reduces the time needed and minimises unsightly cables (unlike analogue CCTV). If POE IP cameras and networks are used, then the cameras do not even need separate power, they can be powered by the network cable itself.

Better System Integration:

Better System Integration

IP CCTV systems communicate using IP which allows them to co-exist and integrate on the same network/cabling as other IP based systems such as Access Controls and IP phone systems.

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