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Local Area Network (LAN) Infrastructure

A Local Area Network (LAN) infrastructure interconnects computers in a relatively small area such as your home, school, or office to allow connectivity between multiple workstations and personal computers. The LAN infrastructure allows access to data from multiple locations or devices (connected anywhere on the LAN infrastructure) to share resources like files and expensive shared devices such as laser printers.

Computers connected to a LAN infrastructure are also able to communicate with each other through various means, such as email or instant chat sessions and be provided access to external locations such as the internet or a Wide Area Network (WAN).

LAN infrastructures are capable of transmitting data at very fast rates and can be purchased at different speeds to meet individual user needs. It is important to note that distances are limited and there is also a limit to the number of computers that can be attached to a single LAN infrastructure.

Varying types of LAN are available with Ethernet, which is by far the most commonly used LAN infrastructure technology. Ethernet connectivity is common on a standard computer or laptop and requires an Ethernet cable to be plugged into the computer for connectivity.

Today’s LAN infrastructures not only need to efficiently and securely transmit bandwidth-intensive data such as voice, video, and wireless applications, but they also need to intelligently manage traffic patterns, be flexible, scalable, and meet business .requirements efficiently, all whilst remaining cost effective.

Additional requirements such as Quality-of-Service (QoS) which is used to prioritise traffic based on its importance (for example to guarantee speech quality), or Power over Ethernet (PoE) to provide power for IP phones or CCTV cameras are becoming more widely used. With more and more services becoming integrated into the networking infrastructure, traditional switches and routers are evolving into intelligent multi-functional networking devices.

Wireless LAN (WLAN) Computer Networks

A Wireless LAN provides wireless network communications over short distances using radio signals instead of traditional network cabling to help extend an existing Local Area Network.

Using Wireless Access Points (WAP’s), WLAN’s are built by installing the Access Points within or near to the edge of a wireless network allowing clients to communicate with the Access Points, and ultimately the LAN infrastructure using a wireless network adaptor, commonly found in laptops or devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Providing a WLAN solution brings many advantages to an organisation, but at the same time increases the complexities of a LAN design. WLAN’s are mainly deployed to support a large range of business applications, from simple internet access for guest visitors, to accessing mission critical applications. At Nexsis, we will ensure your business benefits from an easy to manage, cost effective WLAN installation.

Wireless Access Point
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